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General Counsel Services.

GlobaLexCounsel LLP (GLC) is not the traditional law firm model that you have come to expect. With an innovative new way of providing legal services that makes experienced business focused counsel available to start-up to mid-sized companies. Of course GLC offers full a la carte traditional law firm services if that’s the path you would prefer to embark in; however, GLC has developed customized services that make it financially reachable for your company to enjoy all the advantages of experienced in-house counsel as part of your management team for an affordable, flat monthly fee. Our team is built around talented lawyers who have worked in house and in law firms and have a no-nonsense approach to the practice of law.

Serving the Northwest Region.  

Main Practices:

        • General Counsel Services
        • Business transactions
        • International business Transactions
        • Commercial Agreements
        • Start-up Counseling

GLC has minimized the overhead and inefficiencies of the outdated legal service model that can run high on billable hours and short on client focused productivity. Now every company can afford to bring specialized legal minds on-site to identify and manage risk, protect what they’ve built and seize opportunities for growth. GLC has further created an entire dedicated division to enable your business to spring it wings across borders and broaden your market reach. PacRimCounselors is dedicated to Cross-Pacific business ventures and exchanges. Applying the same focused practical experience, our team will help you grow your business across borderlines.

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